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No such thing as “free”.

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I recently was given two $10 gift cards for participating in a test drive event at my local mall. (as an aside, I totally wish a Prius could seat 9) For the ten minutes of my time that the test drive took, I looked at that $20 as free money that I could happily spend on whatever I wanted. But of course… nothing is ever truly free.

So far I have dealt with a call center that I can only assume as located in India based on the woman’s heavy accent (and the smell of curry that I somehow can’t get out of my hair) because PayPal told me that I needed to call the card issuer and have my address added to the card as a billing address. Then I went through PayPal to try to pay my two $10 even (no tax, no shipping, just flat out $10 the exact same amount that is on each of the cards) invoices… only to be told by their system that I can not complete that action on those cards.

So, of course, I call PayPal. And I sit on hold for nineteen mind-numbing minutes while my toddler further destroys my living room (who is up for scrubbing ground up Goldfish a’la leaky sippy cup out of my couch cushions?).
When the Paypal representative finally gets on the line, she tells me it’s not their issue, that the card company is not allowing the transaction to go through.

I don’t want to call India again.
I really don’t like palak paneer all that much.


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